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We are open:

Monday - Friday 7:00 to 18:00

Saturday 7:00 to 15:00
Sunday 8:00 to 12:00


In our shop we accept:


Western Union payment option


In case of online ordering we recommend

payment option.



Ballószögi Lovas Klub


Fleurop Magyarország


Kiss-Computer Bt








6500 Ft



Örök szenvedély
15.000 Ft



Tündéri elegancia

Tündéri elegancia

6500 Ft



16 szálas fekete kocka doboz 
16 szálas fekete kocka doboz
17.000 Ft


20 szálas fehér henger doboz
21.000 Ft


Szeretni valakit valamiért

Szeretni valakit valamiért

22.000 Ft

Üzletünkben elfogadunk:

Westen Union fizetési lehetőség


Internetes rendelés esetén figyelmébe ajánljuk fizetési lehetőséget.



How can I order flowers?

Visit our website or visit our shop in Kecskemet Rákóczi road number 8 where personally at your disposal. On our website you can place your order without registration, or browse through our webshop.
After you find the right flower arrangements and / or gifts, our system will automatically guide you through the purchase, based on which we receive the necessary information for a successful delivery.
Can place your order by phone or email, but this is still the safest way to track the online order site.

1 phase:
In addition to the composition selected image by clicking the "Buy Now", and then you will see the following (pictures)
Have nothing to do, just make sure this is really the bouquet to order and click "Checkout" sign.


2 phase
Please enter the recipient information, and then click "Next" icon.

3 phase
Choose how you want to pay, and then click "Next" icon. PayPal the event description below.



4 phase
If you would like to pay with PayPal, the system calculates for you to purchase a total of how much value. Click the "Next" label.


5 phase
Already been calculated in the full service, which is on the right you will see below the table. The comment section of the greeting card text or indicate the date of delivery.
Place a checkmark in the "Accept Terms and Conditions" checkbox, and then click the "Approval Order" icon. The system will redirect you to the payment page.


You can see the bouquet will look like a bouquet sent to the recipient?  
Of course! If you choose our webshop bouquet, same style connected.



The pictures are seen bouquets in a vase. They are part of a bouquet?
The vases are provided for illustration purposes. If you require next to the vase bouquet, please get in touch with business leaders (Gudmonné Csikai Julianna: 0630/2655305), with interest after the vases style and price.



Accompanying card can be attached to the shipment?
Of course! Store cards can be found in our accompanying that can not be billed. The final stage of ordering, please indicate in the comment box and the selected card number to be written into the text.


Why should I register on your site?
If you are registered on our website, you also can track previous orders and orders for new tired not have to re-enter the recipient information, the system will automatically fill in for you.


Funeral arrangements

If, because of your absence is unable to attend a funeral, they declare condolences through us. Not to do is follow through the system so as to csokroknál been reported. The recipient's information, please give details of the deceased. Naturally enough title to indicate that what will happen in the obituary cemetery, in the comment section, how many o'clock.

We are the only company in Kecskemét our machine-printed ribbon wreath creation, the caption of which we offer assistance in the selection of texts Ribbon menu. This we ask is indicated in the comment section.



How is the delivery?

Corporate freight car every day to travel around the streets of Kecskemet and surrounding villages orders are delivered. Our car with the sticker easily recognize.
May in special cases, the deliveries of our company makes use of some passenger Kecskemét company is (taxi).

Our business opportunity working day of the order to carry out the delivery. You can also specify how long. Red-letter holidays, the delivery can not be met.
When you place an order, please enter the recipient's phone number in case you need to gain access to the date of stay at home.



What happens if you were not included in the shipment?

It is important to know the courier company delivery once! If you can not deliver the package/ bouquet, courier our flower shop leaves a notice of availability, which can add the recipient our administrator contact and inquire about your shipment receipt.




Payment Methods

Information Shop PayPal payment method. Please, before you finalize your order please make sure that your credit card information was entered correctly. The amount shall be included in the specified bank account bank card deducted immediately after ordering.


Payment is operating in accordance with the rules and safety rules of the international card companies on happening and not the shop section. The online store of your card or account information behind the number, expiry date is not in possession of any form of insight can not win!