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Ballószögi Lovas Klub


Fleurop Magyarország


Kiss-Computer Bt







Soha ne mond hogy SOHA
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If, because of your absence is unable to attend a funeral, they declare condolences through us. Not to do is follow through the system as it has been indicated in the bunch. The recipient's information, please give details of the deceased. Naturally enough title to indicate that what will happen in the obituary cemetery, in the comment section, how many o'clock.

We are the only company in Kecskemét our machine-printed ribbon wreath creation, the caption of which we offer assistance in selecting this menu item menu. This we ask is indicated in the comment section.



1 Farewell to us

2 Farewell

3 Aching heart that we

4 Deep painful farewell

5 Sad heart that we

6 We leave you with a broken heart

7 End your way

8 Rest in peace

9 Painful farewell

10 Last greetings

11 Sincerely farewell

12 Rest in peace

13 Never ending pain farewell

14 You live in our hearts forever

15 Your soul rest in peace

16 Virgin mother may protect

17 Remember you

18 Compassionate heart that we

19 Preserve the memory of

20 Reverence farewell

21 His memory be blessed , your calm quiet

22 " Light , peace and love be with you ! "

23 Your memories live in our hearts forever

24 I'll never forget

25 " Whose child is not covered mound ... "

26 "If I walk in the valley of the shadow of death , do not fear , for you are with me !

27 " Burning candle is like a silent prayer that is going on in our absence .

28 God is with you ...

29 " The measured infinity do not exist , the star of our life 's lessons in a minute "

30 My dear soul rest in peace

31 Shaken farewell

32 Sincere sympathy farewell

33 Pain last experiment your way

34 Died away in the hearts that beat us ...

35 Rest you dear heart that ceased to beat , loving kindness , we can not forget

36 While you live in love , while we live cry.

37 Your mourningshare

38 The righteous man departs , but the light stays here

39 "There is no word for what say"

40 "His heart is at rest, ours is bleeding, the pain just feel the people"

41 After suffering the death of peace , but perpetual pain to live without you

42 We stop over in silence tomb , and sorely do we keep your memory

43 You were wonderful reality , and now you got the ultimate in dream

44 For us, you will never be dead , you will live forever, even the stars